Why do Muslims do Ramadan?

This week we learnt about why Muslims do Ramadan. We learnt about how Muslims feel closer to Allah during Ramadan and give zakat.

Please keep bringing in your book bags daily. 

Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating! 🕌

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Stokes


I take a group of children to the library. The children are very excited by this and that if they bring their book bag, they can take home three books. 

Please remember you can bring me any library books on a Friday morning and I will take them back for you.

Please also come and book seats on the seaside trip with Mrs Rafiq. It is £10 each. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Stokes

Happy holidays!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday and spend time with your family. 🌞

Please practise reading the words we have sent home, as well as your home reading book. 🗒📖  Which words can you find in your book?

A happy Ramadan to those of you who are fasting.

See you in Summer 2! Don’t forget to bring your book bag everyday. Well done to this half term’s reading race winners, who brought their book bags nearly 20 times!

Mrs Stokes

The library

As part of Golden Time, children can choose to go to the library. Please return books either in a morning or after school to the library, or give them to me on a Friday morning to return. Thank you. 

Have a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Stokes

The Deep! 🐠🐟🐡

The children thoroughly enjoyed our trip to The Deep. Can you tell someone what your favourite part was? We had a story and activities before dinner. Then we looked around the amazing sealife after dinner. Thank you to our Mums and Dad who came along and helped. Hope you enjoyed it too!

I changed books on Friday. Please keep bringing them everyday. There are now home recording books available to buy from the office for £1.

Thank you,

Mrs Stokes


Welcome back! Hope you had a fun time!

Well done to all those children who got a certificate and badge today for coming to school so much. Please try and send your child as much as possibly. 

Also well done to the Hughes House, who got the most house points last term. They got the treat of wearing non-uniform today. Your child knows what team they are in and siblings are in the same team.

Remember to keep bringing your book bag daily, as the reading race is happening this half term again! A prize at the end of this half term!

Thank you.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend. See you on Tuesday, as Monday is no school.

Mrs Stokes